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Strategic Objective 2

A Greener Portugal

Pursuing the challenges of the climate transition, supporting innovation through the decarbonization of companies and energy efficiency and investing in the reinforcement of renewable energies.

Overall Value: 815 M€

Territorial Framework

COMPETE 2030 targets the less developed regions of the Mainland (NUT II do Norte, Centro and Alentejo).

Incentive structure and systems

In specific objectives 2.1 – Promote energy efficiency and reduce greenhouse gas emissions (ERDF) and 2.2. Promoting renewable energies

Climate and Energy Transition

Accelerate the transition to a carbon-neutral economy and strengthen business competitiveness, stimulating the decarbonization of economic activities, energy efficiency and the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, promoting environmental and economic sustainability;

Support the diversification of renewable energy production, from sources and technologies that are not sufficiently disseminated in the market.

Financial support: Non-refundable grants.

Beneficiaries: Companies.

Last update to 14 de June 2023