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Here are the answers to the most frequently asked questions regarding COMPETE 2030 Community Funds.

The FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions, is intended to provide support to beneficiaries in order to facilitate access to the Business Incentive Schemes. They provide relevant, general information without answering specific cases and are not intended to be legal advice. Their consultation does not dispense with consulting the legal text, where applicable.

For further questions, please contact us via the Balcão dos Fundos: https://balcaofundosue.pt/


SACCCT Calls Scientific Research and Technological Development Projects (IC&DT) – Individual and Co-promoted Operations

Call MPr-2023-12 (pdf) 2024-03-15 | Version 1.1

SICE Calls

Productive Innovation

SICE Calls – Productive Innovation (pdf) – 2024-03-13 | Version 1.6 – Includes an update of the ratio in Faq no. 4 included in module H. Forms of Support – Financing the operation


Individual Business Training – Clusters

Call COMPETE2030-2023-04 (pdf) – Updated version 2024-01-23

Joint Business Training – Clusters

Call COMPETE2030-2023-06 (pdf) – 2024-01-04 | Version 1

Last update to 23 de May 2024