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Structure and Objectives

Strategic Objectives

As part of Portugal 2030, which embodies the Partnership Agreement established between Portugal and the European Commission for the application of cohesion policy funds (ERDF and ESF+) for the 2021-2027 programming period, the Innovation and Digital Transition Program (COMPETE 2030) has a budget allocation of 3.9 billion euros, to pursue the following strategic objectives:

SO 1: A More Competitive Portugal

Support investment in research and innovation, digitalization, competitiveness and internationalization of companies, skills for smart specialization and industrial transition.

Overall Value: 2567 M€

SO 2: A Greener Portugal

Pursuing the challenges of the climate transition, supporting innovation through the decarbonization of companies and energy efficiency and investing in the reinforcement of renewable energies.

Overall Value: 815 M€

SO 4: A More Social Portugal

Support the improvement of skills and qualifications in the business environment in order to promote the adaptation of workers and enterprises to change, in line with the priorities set out in the European Pillar of Social Rights.

Overall Value: 400M€

Territorial Framework

COMPETE 2030 targets the less developed regions of the Mainland (NUT II do Norte, Centro and Alentejo).

Incentive structure and systems

To achieve its strategic objectives, COMPETE 2030 is structured around 3 priorities, within the scope of which specific objectives established in the regulatory framework of European funds are mobilized, being implemented through Support Systems and Inventive Systems for companies:

COMPETE 2030 also includes a priority dedicated to the Program’s Technical Assistance.

Last update to 14 de June 2023